SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are trying to track down a group of beer thieves who escaped despite having at least one bad tire on their getaway car.

Police say the clerk at a 7-Eleven store near Highway 90 and W. Military Drive managed to puncture that tire with an ice pick in an effort to stop them from getting away.

This happened after 4 a.m. Friday outside the West Side convenience store.

Officers responded to a call about the theft at the business and a fight in the parking lot.

Police said the clerks tried to stop two men as they attempted to leave the store with two 18-packs of beer that they had not purchased.

One witness told KSAT 12 he was inside the store and heard one clerk order the men to stop.

He said he then saw two clerks, a male and female, chase after the thieves who left the store through a side door.

Once they left the building, the witness said, one of the thieves hit the woman in the face and begin to fight with the other clerk.

He said at one point the female clerk used an ice pick to stab the tire on the getaway car.

Both thieves then jumped into the car, which had at least one other person inside, and sped away.

Police say it was last seen heading north on W. Military.

They launched their helicopter and also searched on the ground but did not find them right away.

It did not appear that either clerk was seriously injured.