Violent incidents days apart cause fear at homeless encampment west of downtown

Dozens of crimes reported near area within past few months

SAN ANTONIO – A gathering spot for homeless people west of downtown has seen dozens of crimes in the past few months, according to San Antonio police.

A woman left with life threatening injuries after being stabbed Monday. The stabbing happened on North Brazos and Kaufmann, the same location where a man was shot 5 times over the weekend.

Police say the man was shot after refusing to give up his bike during an attempted robbery.

The two crimes don’t appear to be related, but police said the area has been a problem.

According to the San Antonio Police Department’s crime tracker map, there have been dozens of reports of crimes, including assault, aggravated assault, burglary and drug and weapons violations within a half-mile of the problem intersection since last October.

“Something needs to be done because it’s going to get worse,” said a woman who frequents the area but didn’t want to be identified.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputy describes bloody fight with inmate

She spoke with KSAT about the woman in her 30s who sustained life-threatening injuries after being stabbed Monday.

“They got into an argument, her and that guy ... There was a struggle, and all I know is she had a gash right here,” the woman said, pointing to her chest. “I think he was trying to go for her neck. I’m not sure.”

Police say a man in his 30s stabbed the victim in her upper torso. The attacker took off, and police are still searching for him.

Police say the homeless man who was shot five times at the same location Saturday was taken to University Hospital in critical condition. A male suspect was arrested in the case. He is facing an aggravated assault charge.

Although that suspect was taken off the street, fears of future violence are still present among those who frequent the area.

“Out here, people steal from each other, they wrong each other all the time. And a lot of anger builds up and stuff and they retaliate,” the unidentified woman said.

Police urge anyone who witnesses criminal or suspicious activity anywhere to give them a call.

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