Local students write letters to people living in China following coronavirus outbreak

SA’s International Relations Office will mail the letters out instead of having students deliver them as a safety precaution

SAN ANTONIO – Students from Cast Tech High School wrote letters of hope and support to people living in China following the coronavirus outbreak.

“It started with one of our teachers, Mr. Flores, who got a group of juniors and they started writing letters,” said Araceli Martinez-Higgins, a sophomore at Cast Tech High School.

The non-profit Summer of Service (SOS) is leading the project. The organization sends students all over the world to learn about leadership.

One of their trips this summer is to Wuxi, China, but it’s up in the air because of the coronavirus.

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In the meantime, students are showing their support.

“So, we reached out to the city’s international relations office, who had also at the same time, sort of been wondering what kind of support the city could show as well to our sister cities and our friendship cities in China. And so, we’re all kind of coming together,” said Amir Samandi, Summer of Service executive director.

Samandi said the city’s International Relations Office will be mailing the letters out.

While the students were not going to the cities where the coronavirus was reported, they are not taking any chances.

“We are kind of in a holding pattern so that we can assess that situation and determine if it's safe to go forward with the trip this year or not. So we may have to postpone,” Samandi said.

In the meantime, the organization is hoping more schools get involved and help write letters for those living in China during this tough time.

Samandi said the letters will be going to schools located in San Antonio’s sister city Wuxi, China.

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