‘The road to victory in November starts right here in Texas,’ Bloomberg says at SA campaign rally

The Democratic presidential candidate is calling for Texas voters to make their way to the polls on Super Tuesday


Just two days before Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg made his way to the Alamo City Sunday to campaign.

Bloomberg is now the third presidential candidate to visit San Antonio in the last eight days. He follows Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both of which held rallies in SA.

The Democrat took to the podium at the Brooke City Base, urging his supporters and all in attendance to “Get It Done!” and cast their votes this week.

“The road to victory in November starts right here, right now, here in Texas,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg told his supporters their votes will make all the difference in wake of Super Tuesday when more than a dozen states will be holding primaries.

The day is considered one of the biggest for Democratic nominees.

“I hope all of you get our Texas team to get out to vote,” Bloomberg said.

Close to 600 people attended the rally. Leslie Wells, a Bloomberg supporter, said she knows he is the right candidate for president.

“I’m 99.9% sure I’m voting for Bloomberg,” Wells said.

Wells said she came to the rally to hear what Bloomberg had to say.

“I like what he stands for in climate change and definitely on gun reform,” Wells said.

John Meyer says Bloomberg’s background and entrepreneurship has been a source of inspiration for both him and his wife.

“As a business owner myself... and then my wife trying to be an entrepreneur, it just caught our eye,” Meyer said.

Meyer believes Bloomberg will user in change that he believes the country needs.

“That’s the biggest thing for my wife and I is rebuilding our country,” Meyer said.

Bloomberg did tell his crowd of supporters that if he is elected, he would lead the fight against climate change, address discrimination and inequality, and fix the country’s immigration system.

He now faces six other Democratic nominees after Pete Buttigeg announced he suspended his campaign.


Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is bringing his campaign to San Antonio on Sunday.

“We’ve built an unprecedented campaign to organize in every corner of Texas and flip the state blue for a President who will #GetItDone for us," Bloomberg’s website says about the event.

Bloomberg might not spend to help Sanders if he’s nominee

Bloomberg is facing five other Democratic presidential candidates, which include: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Amy Klobuchar.

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