Mourners in cars say final goodbyes to Bexar County emergency management coordinator

Memorial services held for Kyle Coleman; mourners practiced social distancing, viewing from cars at Freeman Coliseum

SAN ANTONIO – Memorial services for Bexar County’s emergency management coordinator had mourners honoring his wishes by practicing social distancing during the Friday morning tribute.

Kyle Coleman died earlier this month at the age of 69 from COVID-19, his family and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said.

Most people who attended the services at Freeman Coliseum sat in their vehicles the whole time and listened to the invited speakers by way of their radios.

”He was one of these public servants that really knew what it meant to be a public servant and gave his life in fighting this terrible pandemic,” Wolff said.

Bexar County’s Fire Marshal Chris Lopez, spoke about how Coleman often shared stories of his days in law enforcement.

Prior to working for emergency management, Coleman had been with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, where he once earned the Medal of Valor for saving people in a nursing home from a fire.

”He cast a long shadow and he was a blessing to all that knew him,” Lopez said.

Mourners stay in their cars in the Freeman Coliseum parking lot for memorial services for Bexar County Emergency Management Coordinator Kyle Coleman. (KSAT)

To Danny Vera, Coleman also was a stepfather and role model.

“There’s nothing, really, he didn’t know,” he said. “I looked up to him. I hope I can fill his shoes.”

Wolff praised Coleman for his work during times of disaster, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and most recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

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