You can track live, early voting wait times in Bexar County by joining this Facebook group

Voters can cast a ballot every day from now until Oct. 30, and then on Election Day Nov. 3

Three Bexar County voting centers close ahead of primary runoff election

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – If you plan on early voting in-person in Bexar County, but you want to figure out the best time to head to the polls, then this social media group can help.

Bexar County doesn’t have a live wait-time map for poll locations, but San Antonians have found another way to keep track.

A Facebook group called “Bexar County Voting Location Wait Times,” is public and tracks live early voting wait times at several poll locations across the area. The group was first created Oct. 14 and currently has 2,766 members and counting.

Residents share wait times at various poll locations either through photos of the lines, a screenshot of their phone timer, or just overall how long their voting process took and where. New posts are circulating in the group every day.

You can track poll wait times in Bexar County in this Facebook group. (Facebook)

In Bexar County, nearly 109,000 people cast in-person ballots in the first three days of early voting this year, according to a previous KSAT 12 report. Another 56,000 have cast ballots via mail-in Bexar County so far.

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This means that since Friday, 14% of all 1.1 million registered voters in Bexar County have already voted, the Tribune reports.

Texans can cast a ballot every day from now until Oct. 30, and then on Election Day Nov. 3.

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