New study shows which movies are the scariest

Researchers measured viewers' heart rates while watching the scariest movies

A new study shows which movies are the scariest by measuring viewer's heart rates

Many of us have that one movie that really scared us as a kid, and may even give us the creeps. But, a recent study conducted by the Website Broadband Choices let its participants watch 120 hours of the scariest horror films of all time, and measured their heartbeats via a heart monitor while watching.

Using a baseline average heartbeat of 65 beats per minute, the study watched for how much the viewers' heartbeats jumped during scary scenes.

Based on this information, the 2012 horror flick “Sinister,” starring Ethan Hawk, claimed the top spot. The study showed that the average heart rate was the highest at 86 beats per minute and that number spiked to 131 during a jump scare.

The second scariest film, according to the study, was the film “Insidious” from 2010. That movie had an average of 85 beats per minute and beat ‘sinister’ in the jump scare category, when viewers' heart rate jumped up to 133.

“The Conjuring” came in at number three with 84 beats per minute. “Hereditary” and the original “Paranormal Activity” rounded out the top five.

Other horror favorites like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," “The Ring," “Halloween," and “The Exorcist” all made the top 20 list as well.

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