Crooks end up withdrawing their plans after ATM break-in fails

Would-be burglars left empty-handed, police say

SAN ANTONIO – Some would-be burglars are empty-handed after their plans to break into an ATM on the city’s Northwest Side failed.

San Antonio police say the crooks set off an alarm inside the machine, which is outside a bank at the corner of Callaghan and Babcock roads.

Officers answering that call around 4 a.m. Friday found a chain still attached to the damaged ATM.

Nearby was a white pickup which police say was stolen and was being used by the criminals to try to steal or open the ATM.

However, they ended up breaking off the hitch on the back of the truck, police say.

The crooks did manage to yank open part of the outer housing, but police say they did not get inside or get any of the cash.

Crime scene investigators collected parts of the broken machine and truck as evidence, and dusted the pickup for fingerprints.

Detectives say it did not appear there were any witnesses to the attempted crime.

Officers spent some time looking for surveillance video of the parking lot.

Attempted ATM theft Callaghan Road image.
Attempted ATM theft Callaghan Road image. (KSAT)

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