BCSO fires deputy who was drunk on duty, records show

Sheriff’s office was called about Deputy James Davila in March

Several deputies were suspended and one deputy was fired in BCSO disciplinary records turned over in December. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office fired one of its law enforcement deputies after he was “legally intoxicated” while on duty, according to disciplinary records obtained Tuesday by KSAT 12 News.

On March 27, 2020, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call about Deputy James Davila, who appeared to be visibly intoxicated, according to the disciplinary records. The records did not specify where Davila was or his behavior at the scene.

Davila was then tested for the presence of drugs and alcohol.

The tests “reflected that while on duty in full uniform, (Davila) registered legally intoxicated.”

Davila can appeal the dismissal, according to the records.

The deputy was one of six BCSO employees who were disciplined for misconduct in December. The records were turned over after KSAT 12 News submitted an open records request.

Other deputies disciplined in December include:

  • Corporal Antoinette Suer was suspended for four days in connection with an inmate who took his own life in November 2019. Suer did not put the inmate in a suicide smock despite being notified of his status, according to the records.
  • Deputy Michael Perez was suspended for five days for conduct that allowed an inmate to attempt an escape from the jail tower’s vehicle gate. The inmate was being transported when he tried to flee as Perez opened the vehicle gate.
  • Deputy Chris Jackson was suspended for 10 days after conducting traffic stops in his personal vehicle.
  • Deputy Johnny Garcia, who works in the media services department, was suspended for five days after his personal vehicle was burglarized. Garcia’s county-issued gun, ammo and badge were stolen from the car. Garcia was cited because the equipment was “not properly secured.”
  • Sgt. Thomas Gilliland was suspended a total of two days for two different instances. In a February 2020 incident, Gilliland did not escort inmates to the medical unit in a timely manner. Later that year, in July, Gilliland was cited for not completing his training certification.

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