Incumbent Andrews-Sullivan, McKee-Rodriguez to go head-to-head in District 2 runoff election

Jada Andrews-Sullivan defends her seat against 11 candidates

Incumbent Andrews-Sullivan, McKee-Rodriguez to go head-to-head in June 5 runoff (KSAT)


Jalen McKee-Rodriguez and incumbent Jada Andrews-Sullivan will head to a runoff in the City Council District 2 race.

McKee-Rodriguez had 26.36% of the vote, with 2,259 ballots cast for the candidate.

Andrews-Sullivan had 16.79% of the vote, with 1,439 ballots cast for the incumbent.

The runoff election will be held June 5.

WATCH: Jalen McKee-Rodriguez talks about leading in District 2 race




Jalen McKee-Rodriguez
Jada Andrews-Sullivan*
Norris Tyrone Darden
Kristi Villanueva
Nneka "Miss Neka" Cleaver
Andrew Fernandez Vicencio
Walter E. Perry Sr.
Chris Dawkins
Pharaoh J. Clark
Dori Brown
Michael John Good
Carl Booker
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The race for the San Antonio City Council District 2 seat is likely to be one of the most competitive this cycle.

Council member Jada Andrews-Sullivan is facing twice as many challengers as any other incumbent, except the mayor.

The battle for the East Side’s District 2 is one of the five key races KSAT is watching during the May 1 election. With so many candidates, the race could go into overtime in the form of a June 5 runoff between the two candidates who receive the most votes - that happens if no candidate clears 50%.

The following candidates are running for the District 2 seat:

  • Nneka “Miss Neka” Cleaver
  • Walter E. Perry, Sr.
  • Jada Andrews-Sullivan
  • Pharaoh J. Clark
  • Kristi Villanueva
  • Michael John Good
  • Norris Tyrone Darden
  • Chris Dawkins
  • Dori Brown
  • Andrew Fernandez Vicencio
  • Carl Booker
  • Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

Some candidates had previously told KSAT they were running because they felt Andrews-Sullivan was inaccessible and lacked leadership.

“There are 12 people in the race because the incumbent hasn’t been taking constituent phone calls for over a year,” Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, who previously worked as Andrews-Sullivan’s director of communications, told KSAT on April 16.

Andrews-Sullivan, however, refutes that claim and says her office has been accessible, including during the pandemic.

“I can honestly say that people that needed to get in touch with our office called and got in touch with our office, even during COVID when the city of San Antonio shut down,” Andrews-Sullivan told KSAT on April 16.

KSAT asked candidates where they stand on the issues -- including Proposition B, homelessness and city cleanup plans -- out of more than 400 questions submitted.

Pharaoh Clark -- a chef, caretaker, and local activist -- says he supports Proposition B, which calls for the repeal of Chapter 174, which allows police unions to collectively bargain while keeping in place the rule that says officers can’t strike or stage a lockout.

KSAT Explains: Proposition B in San Antonio

“Accountability is something we should have at every level of government, and Proposition B helps restore that,” Clark told KSAT in mid-April.

Kristi Villanueva, a local business owner, says she believes repealing Chapter 174 would lead to more officers or recruits applying to jobs outside San Antonio for favorable regulatory environments.

“At this moment in time, I do not support repealing Proposition B. The events of the past few years have demonstrated that we need police reform, at the national, state, and local levels. With that being said, we must also be smart in how we approach reform efforts,” Villanueva told KSAT in mid-April.

When it comes to homelessness in San Antonio, the candidates KSAT received statements from agreed that a comprehensive plan and resources are needed for those who are most vulnerable.

“I want to gauge the different levels of homelessness. Let’s immediately help those who are having a hard time and set up services for those who need extensive and long-term help. I’m going to partner with local nonprofits and other agencies for support,” said Walter Perry Sr., a professional tax preparer.

WATCH: District 2 forum, hosted by San Antonio Observer, ahead of May 1 election

“I believe in comprehensive reform to address the root causes of homelessness in San Antonio. There are people who are in need of addiction rehabilitation and mental health counseling that are unable to get the help they need. We can end homelessness by being proactive in our communities,” said Pharaoh Clark.

Click here to learn where the candidates stand on city cleanup issues and the plans they want to implement if elected.

The incumbent, Andrews-Sullivan, did not answer the questions submitted by KSAT viewers.

Five of the candidates have raised more than $10,000 each, with Andrews-Sullivan bringing in more than $21,000 in contributions. See a breakdown below:

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