KSAT Explains: Proposition B in San Antonio

Episode 28 examines the arguments for and against the effort to repeal collective bargaining for the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association

SAN ANTONIO – A confrontation ends with a civilian killed by a police officer. Outrage and protests follow. Then calls for accountability.

And then it happens again, in some other city in the United States.

To many it seems we’re stuck in a cycle. It’s why activists in communities across the nation are calling for police reform. And it’s why when you vote in the May 1 election, you’ll have the chance to vote for or against Proposition B.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the effort to repeal San Antonio police officers’ collective bargaining power. But there have been mixed messages on the issue, leading to confusion for voters. In this episode of KSAT Explains, we’re explaining what Prop B is all about, the arguments for and against it, and what it would and wouldn’t accomplish if passed. (Watch the full episode in the video player above.)

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What is Prop B?

Last summer, local woman Oji Martin founded a group called Fix SAPD. Martin said she reached her tipping point after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota and after watching Broken Blue, the KSAT special on misconduct and disciplinary procedures within the San Antonio Police Department.

With the goal of reforming the police department, the group launched two petition drives to get two items on the May ballot. The ultimate goal was to repeal two local government codes that, among other things, provide protections for police officers under investigation.

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