Advice: Getting your dog ready for your return to the office

Preparing pups for another change

SAN ANTONIO – It’s been one of those bright spots in the pandemic - every day is take your dog to work day. Unfortunately for some of us, we will have to return to the office at some point. Now that your dog has gotten used to the extra walks and bonus quality time, they have to prepare for another new normal. Here’s a few tips from our friends at Dog Friendly San Antonio.

Potty Breaks. If you adopted a puppy during the pandemic or your dog needs a refresher on waiting for potty breaks then it’s time to break out the crate again. Start leaving your dog in their crate for short periods at a time. Be sure to put in a blanket and toy to make it a positive experience. Your goal should be to have them spend the night in the crate.

New Routine. You’ll probably be waking up and going to bed at different times, so your pup will need to adjust to the new routine. Start by waking up a little early each day. Make sure the new routine offers them plenty of time to go potty, eat breakfast, and have a little playtime. Start making the daytime more lowkey, Move playtime to the evening or after dinner.

There’s a few more tips, including how to keep your dogs entertained while your not home, but you got to watch the segment for that.

Dog Friendly San Antonio has lots of advice and help for pet parents, just check out their website.

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