Is your hand sanitizer hiding something toxic?

Texas company RAEKA Beauty tells you what's good, what's bad in hand sanitizer

Raeka Beauty tells us what's bad and what's good for hand sanitzers

SAN ANTONIO – Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity right now, more and more companies are making it, and not all of them are safe, that’s according to Raeka Panda, founder and CEO of RAEKA Beauty. She says with the need, the FDA has become a little more relaxed on what goes into hand sanitizer.

One problem is different companies are using different alcohols and some of those alcohols have traces of methanol which is not good. You want to be looking for isopropyl alcohol, that’s the safest for hand sanitizers, according to Panda. Another thing you don’t want in your hand sanitizer is silver ions. Methanol can cause other chemicals to be absorbed into your skin and that can cause dermatitis. If it’s ingested into your lungs it could cause damage to your organs. Silver ions can damage the skin and kill the good cells in your body along with the bad.

Here’s a link to what the FDA is saying about dangerous hand sanitizers and methanol.

RAEKA beauty has created a hand sanitizer that excludes both methanol and silver ions and worked to make it safe. It also includes eucalyptus oil which helps with dry skin, which can happen with lots of hand washing and sanitizing.

RAEKA advises to always look at the ingredients in the things you buy. If you want to get your hands on their hand sanitizer check out the RAEKA Beauty website.

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