FDA warns against using these 9 hand sanitizers due to potential toxic substance

SAN ANTONIO – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to use certain hand sanitizer products due to the potential presence of methanol. Veterans turn their TX whiskey distillery into hand sanitizer operation, donate thousands of gallonsThe list of products that may contain methanol are:All-Clean Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-002-01)Esk Biochem Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-007-01)CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-008-04)Lavar 70 Gel Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-006-01)The Good Gel Antibacterial Gel Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-010-10)CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-005-03)CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-009-01)CleanCare NoGerm Advanced Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol (NDC: 74589-003-01)Saniderm Advanced Hand Sanitizer (NDC: 74589-001-01)A press release from the FDA states that officials contacted Eskbiochem on Wednesday and recommended the company remove its hand sanitizer products from market shelves due the risk of methanol poisoning. “Consumers who have been exposed to hand sanitizer containing methanol should seek immediate treatment, which is critical for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning. Local leaders warn Texas is heading down a dangerous path as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surge in big citiesFDA officials said they were not aware of any reports of “adverse events” associated with the listed hand sanitizer products. The recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent ethanol.