KSAT Kids: Do you have your Halloween costume yet? It’s right around the corner

Student spotlight is 4th grader Mateo Alcorta, who has made over 1,000 face masks for community

Hello parents, teachers and students!

Can you believe October has flown by this quickly? We’re almost to Halloween and then before you know it, we’ll be in November. How’s the school year going for you?

More San Antonio area children have returned to the classroom as students whose parents or guardians signed up for in-person learning for the second grading period are now back on campus. The school districts are still operating in the “moderate” or yellow risk zone, since the COVID-19 positivity rate recently jumped.

In this week’s KSAT Kids' student spotlight, we highlight fourth-grader Mateo Alcorta, who has made more than 1,000 masks since learning how to sew this spring. It’s such an amazing accomplishment and is quite the caring thing to do!

Parents, do you want an activity to do with the kids that can also teach them something? Well, KSAT Kids has two new home science labs, one of them courtesy of KSAT12 photographer Bill Caldera. Bill filmed his son William trying to make a boat that floats and you can follow along. We also have a science lab that teaches about Saturn’s rings.

Are you looking for a way to celebrate Halloween safely in the San Antonio area? KSAT Kids has 10 ways to have fun on Halloween, while also social distancing. Better get your costume!

And don’t forget! Viewers can now watch a live view of nearly 250 penguins of four different species at SeaWorld San Antonio thanks to our Penguin Cam. Watch anywhere, anytime on all of KSAT’s platforms.

For those students seeking additional schooling help, the San Antonio Public Library is still offering resources to help with their lessons. We also have a list of places offering free Wi-Fi for students and their families.

Stay safe and wash your hands, everybody!

-Ben Spicer

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Here’s what can be found on KSAT Kids for Thursday, October 22:

Student Spotlight

‘Helping people is the right thing to do’: Northside ISD student sews over 1,000 face masks for San Antonians

A Northside ISD student is making a difference in San Antonio’s fight against the coronavirus, one stitch at a time.

Mateo Alcorta (right), a fourth grader at Jimmy L. Elrod Elementary School, has made over 1,000 face masks for the San Antonio community since he first learned to sew this spring, according to NISD. (Northside ISD)

Do you know a classroom or school that is doing amazing work and deserves to be featured in KSAT Kids? Nominate a student, teacher or school by emailing ksatkids@ksat.com.

Student activities

Penguin Cam: Chill with the penguins at SeaWorld San Antonio with 24/7 livestream

SeaWorld San Antonio and KSAT are teaming up to bring you what we all need this year - a little happiness. This time, by way of the Penguin Cam.

Penguins from SeaWorld San Antonio hang out on KSAT's 24/7 penguin cam. (KSAT)

KSAT Kids Home Science: Design a boat to float

KSAT 12 photojournalist Bill Caldera and his son William demonstrate an at-home science experiment that included building a float and determining how many pennies it will hold.

KSAT Kids Home Science: Design a Boat to Float

KSAT Kids Home Science: Saturn’s Glowing Rings

Are you looking for something fun to do at home that has a little bit of science behind it? Well, check out this awesome at-home experiment that teaches you about Saturn’s rings.

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