A look inside one of the most romantic restaurants in San Antonio

Flavor Favs: Aldo's Ristorante Italiano

SAN ANTONIO – Since 1985, Aldo's Ristorante Italiano has been a part of San Antonio.

Located at 8539 Fredericksburg Road, Aldo's is a charming place that was at first a home. 

"We are kind of a classic," owner Aldo Ghaffari said. "We don't want to change too much."

Ghaffari came to San Antonio from Houston with the purpose of opening an Italian restaurant in the Alamo City.

"I have Italian passion in me," Ghaffari said. "I have worked in Italian restaurants since 1972."

The menu at Aldo's showcases dishes from all over Italy.

"We are kind of diversified as far as the cuisine goes," Ghaffari said.

All the pasta is homemade at Aldo's, which is a plus for any Italian restaurant. 

Everything is also plated beautifully to give it the full fine dining effect.

The entire ambience of the place provides a great setting for a romantic candlelight dinner. The dessert is even served in the shape of a heart. 

"It's cozy, candlelit in the evening (with) kind of dim lights, and it just set its up," Ghaffari said.

All that is why Aldo's Ristorante may just be the place for a date night.

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