Girlfriend remembers boyfriend killed in North Side motorcycle crash

‘I will never ever understand why someone so perfect had to be taken away.”

SAN ANTONIO – While dealing with the pain of loss, 22-year-old Sara Ann Perez remembers better times and happier days.

“He was so intelligent. I mean, I can ask him a question about anything and he always knew the answer,” said Perez.

Her boyfriend, 20-year-old Caleb Krauchunas, was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash Thursday evening. Caleb was a math major at UTSA and was on his way home from school when he crashed into a pickup truck at the intersection of Braesview and Northwest Military.

Sara said that was actually Caleb’s first day back on his motorcycle in a long time.

“He hadn’t ridden his bike in about four months. The only reason he rode that day to and from school was because his car was in the shop,” Perez said.

Police say a motorcycle was traveling northbound and approached the intersection of NW Military when a truck stopped in the left turn lane with a yellow flashing arrow.

Moments later, the truck also entered the intersection. When the yellow arrow turned red, the motorcycle entered the intersection before crashing into the back of the truck, SAPD says.

“I know that person did not mean to do that. It was an accident, I know it was. He didn’t mean to do that... I’m sure that driver feels sorry and I’m grateful that he stopped to help Caleb. He could have just sped off and said whatever but he didn’t and I’m really grateful for that,” said Perez.

Sara says Caleb’s dream was to join the military and he had planned to do so after finishing college. She remembers him now as a kind soul with the best intentions.

“I’m so sorry this had to happen and I will never understand why -- why someone so perfect had to be taken away,” Perez said.

Sara says Caleb’s parents, a military family, recently moved from San Antonio to Virginia and that’s where Caleb’s body is expected to be received.

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