KSAT Kids: Learn why leaves change color; see a floating egg experiment

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In this second edition of KSAT Kids -- a new bimonthly newsletter with all kinds of educational content -- you can find KSAT news segments specifically designed for school-age children, video lessons from our meteorologists, timely historical pieces and so much more.

Do you want to teach your students why leaves change their color? We've got a video to help with that. Do you want to explain to your kids the history of Dia de los Muertos? We've also got you covered. 

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Here's what can be found on KSAT Kids for Monday, October 28: 


Blake's Brainiacs: Will it sink or float?

Will it sink or float? The floating egg experiment is a simple and fun way for kids to get scientific - and there is barely any mess, so it's good for parents, too! The experiment tests out what type of water the egg will float in and teaches kids about water density.

VIDEO: Why do leaves change color, and why doesn't SA get cool colors?

KSAT 12's Sarah Spivey explains why leaves change color and why San Antonio doesn't see many vibrant colors. To view the video, click above.

WATCH: Meteorologist Justin Horne talks to NASA scientist, explains importance of space weather

KSAT 12 Meteorologist Justin Horne got the chance to talk to a NASA scientist who explained the importance of space weather. To view the video click above.


VIDEO: A Look back at history of SA Museum of Art, its origins as a brewery

A living encyclopedia: the San Antonio Museum of Art is a look into past worlds and civilizations. The museum opened in 1981, but a 100 years earlier, the building operated as the Lone Star Brewing Company. Check out this cool history video.

EXPLAINED: Dia de los Muertos origins and history

KSAT News at Nine looks at the history and origins of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The roots can be traced to the native people of Mesoamerica before the Spanish conquest. We explain where the holiday and celebration originated. To view the video, click above.

Unique Texas town names: Utopia and Comfort

Next up on a trip to some of Texas' towns with unique names is Utopia and Comfort. Learn how these places were named what they are. Click above to view the video.


San Antonio Zoo Pumpkin Smash Bash

The San Antonio Zoo treated some of its residents to pumpkins during its annual Pumpkin Bash. Check out this cute video of the animals.

Here's some additional content you might enjoy: 

Teacher showcase

Pregnant Comal ISD teacher diagnosed with breast cancer honored with 'Pink Out' game

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is hitting one San Antonio-area middle school closer to home this year. Kimberly Poorman, a beloved teacher at Pieper Ranch Middle School, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer this summer while pregnant with twins. Poorman, 33, has completed three rounds of chemotherapy since a tumor was discovered in July, according to the Comal Independent School District.

Courtesy Comal Independent School District

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