Watching the Gulf: Tropical moisture headed for the Texas Coast

Modest chance for development into a tropical depression or tropical storm

A tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico will bring heavy rains to the Texas Coast (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

In the dry summer months, we often look to tropical systems to bring us much-needed rain. For the remainder of the week, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the Gulf of Mexico, as a tropical wave could bring drought relief for at least some Texans.

What We Know

Heaviest rains Thursday (6/30) and Friday (7/1) will be along the Texas Coast (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)
  • A tropical wave has a 40% chance to become more organized Wednesday (6/29) and Thursday (6/30). If a well-defined center of low-pressure develops, it would become a tropical depression. If it gains wind speeds of 39 mph, it would become a tropical storm and the next named system. Regardless of development, this tropical wave will likely NOT become a hurricane.
  • There is still some uncertainty as to where the wave will go, however chances favor an eastward track.
  • If it stays to the east of San Antonio, we’ll be dry.
  • However, those along the Texas Gulf Coast should monitor forecast updates closely. Heavy rains are expected along the Texas Coast Thursday (6/30) and Friday (7/1)
  • We will continually update you on-air, online, on our KSAT Weather Authority App, and on our Hurricane Tracker App.

Types of Tropical Systems

There are several types of tropical systems, or cyclones. Meteorologist Sarah Spivey explains below.

KSAT Meteorologist Sarah Spivey takes some time to describe the different types of tropical systems.

Stay Alert

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