Make cleaning your floors fun for just $15

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If you’re not wild about exercise or household chores, you’re certainly not alone. But since you’ll benefit by doing both of them, why not make it fun? Just turn up the volume on your favorite tunes and mop your floors by gliding and dancing around on them until they’re sparkling clean with these Lazy Maid Quick-Mop Slippers. You can get 75% off a 3-pack today and have them for just $14.99.

These slippers allow you to avoid heavy buckets, dirty mops, and dripping wet towels and put some fun into mundane chores as you also get in a bit of exercise. You get a swift, fun hands-free method of cleaning your floors that doesn’t involve any bending, stooping, or kneeling on the floor. Simply slip these colorful covers on over your shoes, then clean and mop as you walk or dance around.

You can also attach the Lazy Maid Quick-Mop Slippers to your existing mop stand and mop in the usual way. The non-abrasive surfaces of these slippers will make your floors sparkling clean without scratching them. They absorb and wipe clean spills easily, including juices, coffee, and water. And they work on all types of surfaces, such as vinyl, tile, and wood.

The Lazy Maid Quick-Mop Slippers are made of soft polyester material with elastic built-in for a snug fit. This 3-pack has one pair each of purple, blue, and pink. They’re machine washable, and one size will fit most feet.

Make 2023 the year you discover small, affordable products that can make big improvements to the routines in your life. Buyers really love their Lazy Maid Quick-Mop Slippers, rating them 4.5 out of 5 stars. Verified purchaser Cheryl Brown says:

I like the fact there were 3 pairs, and it can be fun to walk around the house or put it on the end of my swifter sweeper. It’s reusable and I love it!”

Now you can make your floors sparkling clean as you just glide and dance away while wearing these snugly comfortable elastic mop slippers. Get the 3-pack of Lazy Maid Quick-Mop Slippers today while the usual $59 sticker price is discounted by 74% and you can have them for just $14.99.

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