Kelly Clarkson Files for Divorce From Husband Brandon Blackstock

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Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce. 

The singer filed for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock in Los Angeles on June 4, ET confirms. ET has reached out to Clarkson's rep for comment. 

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Clarkson and Blackstock tied the knot in October 2013 and share two children together, 5-year-old daughter River and 4-year-old son Remington. Clarkson cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing. According to court documents obtained by ET, she listed the separation date as TBD, and asked for joint legal and physical custody of River and Remington.

Clarkson also asked the court to terminate the ability to award spousal support to Blackstock. She is asking the court enforces their premarital agreement, and that both parties cover their own attorney's fees. She's also asking that her last name legally be restored to Clarkson, after taking Blackstock's last name. Property and asset division are unknown at this time and will be determined at a later date.

The couple's split comes as a surprise to fans; Blackstock wished Clarkson a heartfelt happy birthday on her talk show in late April. 

The American Idol alum's daughter started the video with a touching promise for her mom. "I love you, Momma," she said. "I hope you have a good birthday day and I love you so much. And I would sing a special song for when it’s your birthday, well, today."

Remy was up next to share his birthday wishes before Blackstock's 13-year-old son, Seth, chimed in. Blackstock rounded out the video, which was filmed outdoors in Montana, where the family has been self-quarantining. Blackstock is also dad to 18-year-old daughter Savannah, though she didn't appear in the video. 

"Just now seeing this and I am bawling! They’re all so cute!" Clarkson gushed over the video. "I’ve had a bit of a rough week and this just turned it around 🤗❤️🥰😘😊." 

Clarkson began dating Blackstock, son of her former manager, Narvel Blackstock (and former stepson of Reba McEntire), in 2012. 

"This isn't a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I'm just going to be real: I never felt like, honesty, sexually attracted to anybody before him," Clarkson said of Blackstock during a show in 2017. "And I'm not downing my exes. You know, everybody's different. But there was something about him."

"I honestly thought I was asexual -- I'd never been turned on like that in my whole life," she continued. "I was like, 'Oh that's that feeling… OK! That's what they were talking about in Waiting to Exhale.' I just got it. I just didn't have a clue."

Clarkson said she "felt something" when she first met Blackstock in 2006. However, he was married at the time, so she didn't make a move. They didn't meet again until 2012, after his divorce from Melissa Ashworth. 

"We didn’t even know each other, but he had walked past me once and there was a moment in my crazy head," she said. "He thought I hated him, too. When I finally confessed, 'I really dig you,' he was so shocked because he thought I hated him. I hadn't let on that I liked him. Inside I was like, 'Ask me out!' but outside I was like, 'I love being single and coming home every night alone. It's awesome.'"

Clarkson has raved about her marriage over the years, but in a 2015 interview with Redbook, she said that Blackstock was not her "other half." 

"Brandon is not my other half. He's a whole and I'm a whole," she explained. "I've never believed in someone taking care of me, and that's probably because I grew up poor and without a lot of family stability."

Clarkson did, however, open up about making her relationship a priority. "I always swore ours would not be a relationship where we have to schedule sex," she quipped. "That is never going to happen. We put each other first. I call it the oxygen-mask mentality -- take care of yourself first!"

See more on Clarkson in the video below. 


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