Lizzo makes flutes cool at hometown Detroit show

Any flute players out there?

Lizzo performs onstage at Little Caesars Arena on October 06, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images) (Aaron J. Thornton, 2022 Aaron J. Thornton)

If there’s anything that Lizzo can do, it is making anything she does look super cool, and that includes twerking while playing a flute.

The Grammy-winning singer is on her first arena-sized tour after releasing one of my favorite albums of the year, “Special,” and she finally made her way to Detroit for her biggest hometown show yet.

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Lizzo was born in the Motor City, so you could tell at several moments during her two-hour show that she was so happy to be playing in Detroit. Screaming out “I’m home!” after her second song, the crowd knew they were in for a special night.

She even got emotional at the end of her show, saying she was thinking of her dad and how proud he’d be of her. She also mentioned that her entire family was out in the crowd, too.

Lizzo makes music that you want to dance to, and that’s exactly what the packed crowd did and she sang hit after hit from her last two albums. New songs like “The Sign,” “2 Be Loved” and “Break Up Twice” fit in perfectly with her older hits like “Good As Hell” and “Juice.” Every song absolutely had the crowd dancing non-stop.

While the music was fabulous and grooving all night, it was Lizzo’s message of self love and self care that resonated with me (and hopefully the rest of the crowd) the most. It’s hard to not be hard on yourself, and Lizzo implored her audience to practice self care. She reminded everyone that they’re special in their own way. It was the perfect message for today’s times.

Despite the music and positive messages, the part that tickled me the most was Lizzo’s iconic flute playing. I mean, what other pop star is taking musical breaks in the middle of songs to play the flute? Literally none!

The flute is pretty much never seen on a pop star’s stage, which means that Lizzo has officially made playing the flute cool, which got us thinking, are there any other flute players out there? If you are a flautist, please share a photo of you and your flute on the form below.

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