EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: San Antonio’s Dawson Wayne talks about his experience on ‘American Idol’ so far

Dawson Wayne tells KSAT’s Mike Osterhage which song he will perform in Hawaii

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio’s Dawson Wayne sat down for an exclusive interview with KSAT days before “American Idol” fans will get to see his performance in Hawaii and will have a chance to send him to the next round.

Wayne is among the top 26 finalists in Season 21 of the popular talent show.

And from here on out, the fans get to decide who they want to advance.

Wayne told KSAT’s Mike Osterhage that he will be singing Billie Eilish’s “Copycat” on the Hawaiian stage.

Unlike the last song he performed, “Flying” by Cody Fry, which he said was a story about his faith — this week is all about attitude.

“It’s just going to be kind of fun and alter-ego-y and sassy,” Wayne said.

The Reagan High School graduate said his time at the Aulani Resort was “a dream.”

You can watch the interview in the video player at the top of this article.

In Hawaii, Wayne worked with mentors Noah Cyrus and Allen Stone.

The episodes air Sunday and Monday at 7 p.m. on KSAT. (Wayne will perform on Monday’s episode.)

How to vote for Dawson Wayne on “American Idol”

There are three ways to vote:

Fans can vote up to 10 times on each voting method (for a total of 30 votes per episode).

You can get more information about how to vote here.

You can text #dawsonidol to 1-855-740-0471 for updates on his progress in the competition and follow Dawson Wayne on Instagram and Tiktok.

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