Phish is the next band to play the Las Vegas Sphere

Sphere lights up for the first time in celebration of Independence Day on July 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 366-foot-tall, 516-foot-wide venue, the largest spherical structure on Earth, features an Exosphere with a 580,000-square-foot display, the largest LED screen in the world, and is expected to open later in 2023. on July 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) (Greg Doherty, 2023 Getty Images)

After U2 played spectacular shows at the newly minted Las Vegas Sphere, another classic rock band will take the stage to deliver an incredible show in technicolor visuals.

Phish, the legendary jam band, will play a four-date residency at the Sphere in 2024, promising to deliver a “completely unique experience” in the 18,600-capacity venue that opened a few months ago.

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I made predictions of what other bands and singers should have a residency at the Sphere, and Phish made my list! They are a legendary jam band, and they always have a master light show and visuals on the stage when they perform. The bands following is beyond dedicated, so it makes sense they are next to play the Sphere. I’m sure every show will be sold out.

“From the moment we first heard about Sphere and its potential, we’ve been dreaming up ways to bring our show to this breathtaking canvas,” said Phish guitarist and vocalist Trey Anastasio in a statement. “We’re thrilled to present this completely unique experience to Phish fans.”

Phish will perform at the Sphere on April 18-21, and tickets go on sale beginning Dec. 11.

The tickets will be hard to come by, but that’s not your only opportunity to see a band at the Sphere next year.

U2 will make a return to the Sphere will 11 dates in 2024, so there is plenty of time to see a mind-blowing show in this unique venue. Plus, I’m sure more artists will be announced to play the Sphere in the future.

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