10 fun, educational websites your kids will love to visit while stuck at home

These websites will keep the minds of your kids sharp, and occupy some time

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Worried about keeping your kids entertained and educationally stimulated now that they have increased free time in the wake of schools being shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Look no further than these websites that are fun, educational and safe for your children to take a few hours during the course of the day to explore.

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1). Switcheroo Zoo

Site address: www.switcheroozoo.com

What it does: Helps them learn about animals by watching, listening and playing games.

2). Nat Geo for Kids

Site address: www.kids.nationalgeographic.com

What it does: Kids learn about geography and fascinating animals.

3). Into the Book

Site address: www.reading.ecb.org

What it does: Through playing games, kids can practice reading strategies.

4). Suessville

Site address: www.seussville.com

What it does: Allows kids to hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends, all while playing games and reading.

5). ABC YA

Site address: abcya.com

What it does: Allows kids to practice math and reading skills.

6). Fun Brain

Site address: www.funbrain.com

What it does: Helps kid practice math and reading while playing games.

7). PBS Kids

Site address: www.pbs.org

What it does: Kids can learn while hanging out with their favorite PBS characters.

8). Star Fall

Site address: www.starfall.com

What it does: Students can practice their phonics skills with read-along stories.

9). Storyline online

Site address: www.storylineonline.net

What it does: Movie stars read their favorite stories to kids.

10). Highlights Kids

Site address: www.highlightskids.com

What it does: Allows kids to read, play games, learn random facts and do activities such as crafts and recipes.

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