Want the perfect 'quarantine haircut’? Make sure you’re choosing the correct clippers

Clip, clip!

Style editor Jon Jordan showing off some clippers that can help you with an at-home haircut. (Style Wise.)

Being stuck inside over the past few weeks has people doing things they never thought they’d have to, such as cutting their hair at home.

If you’ve never given yourself (or a someone else) a quick haircut, you’ll soon realize why cosmetology school exists.

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Spoiler alert: It’s hard.

That’s why StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan is giving you expert tips on where you need to start if you decide that your hair is getting too long and you need a good clip.

A few celebrities, such as singers Pink and Blake Shelton, have shared their own quarantine haircuts, and let’s just say they’re a little less than stellar, so Jordan says the most important thing you should do beforehand is make sure you have the correct clippers for the electric razor.

Anyone who has gone to the barber knows that they use different clippers to measure how much hair comes off.

Most people run into trouble while cutting their hair at home because they start with too short of a guard, Jordan said.

Before they know it, their hair is way shorter than anticipated. Just remember, you can always take more hair off. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

As always, practice makes perfect to nail a quarantine haircut at home, so don’t beat yourself up too badly if it looks like you cut your hair with a weed whacker as opposed to an electric razor.

Did you give yourself an at-home haircut?

Let us know how it turned out!

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Check out Jordan’s full video of tips above.

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