Is your skin super dry from all the hand-washing? These pantry items can help

These home products will help moisturize your dry, crackly skin

You haven't lived until you've used coconut oil as a moisturizer. (Style Wise.)

What do olive oil, corn meal and raw sugar have in common?

No, they’re not the first three ingredients to an amazing baking recipe.

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They are all things that can help repair your dry hands, especially if you’ve been washing them a lot more than usual, considering the coronavirus pandemic.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan is back for another episode, and this time, he’s talking about the simple ways you can treat your hands if they are super dry, which can happen from a combination of things, from excessive hand washing to cold, dry weather.

Jordan says that using normal lotion will give you some relief, but there are many treatments you can do on your hands (or any dry skin on your body) with items that you probably have at home right now.

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