Want to recognize the day’s most meaningful moments? A radio producer swears by this grounding ritual

Write your 5 most memorable moments on an index card

Index cards (Pexels/stock image)

An idea for you: At the end of the day, write your five most memorable moments on an index card.

Sara Brooke Curtis, a radio producer and artist living in Western Massachusetts, provided this idea to “The Best Advice Show” in a recent episode.

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“Before I do it, I’ll lay down and close my eyes and just scan, from the time I woke up in the morning to the moment I’m right then in bed, and just think, like, something pops, like a Pop Rock in my head, and I’m like, ‘OK, that’s one.’ That could be anything, from like, the sound of my son’s voice when he woke up in the morning, or the taste of that Falanghina wine, or the way the leaves fall off the trees,” Curtis said. “I swear, it makes my dreams so much more interesting. It’s like I’ve brought to the surface the things that I really pay attention to, that I think are meaningful to me, and it infiltrates my dreams. It really changes the structure of my dreams.”

Listen to the full episode here:

Curtis said because she knows she’s going to collect these top five moments, it makes her want to live in a more dynamic way.

We loved this grounding ritual, or way to “memorialize the day," as the episode is called.

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