This advice will make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and drive around the block: ‘Rodents ate my car’

3 words: Grab your keys

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Even though life, in some ways, has started returning to normal, it’s safe to say that many of us still aren’t driving our cars as often.

Maybe you’re still working from home. Or maybe it’s just summertime and your kids aren’t in school so they aren’t going to their usual activities.

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Whatever the case, Susan Reed, of Kalamazoo, has some advice for you: Take your car out every day, even if it’s just for a quick spin around the block.

Reed would know. Her car sat for about two weeks, and when she was recently cleaning out her garage, she found some washer fluid. When Reed popped open her hood to add some to her vehicle, she noticed “a lot of weird debris” -- and a liner on the inside of her hood that appeared to have been … chewed.

When the car wouldn’t start, Reed had it towed, and then the mechanic confirmed: It seemed that something had eaten all the wiring around the engine. Presumably, it was a rodent.

“Rodents ate my car,” Reed told Zak Rosen, the host and creator of “The Best Advice Show.”

It wasn’t a cheap repair, either. It cost Reed $480 to fix.

And there you have it: Put an appointment on your calendar, set an alarm on your phone; do whatever it takes. But you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re driving your car at least semi-regularly.

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