15 quarantine home renovations from our viewers, readers -- and the photos are amazing

Can you believe this was done in quarantine? (Submitted photo from viewer.)

We asked our viewers and readers to send us photos of their DIY home renovations that were completed during quarantine, and we were absolutely stunned by the responses.

Not only did we get dozens of submissions showing photos full of incredible home makeovers, but a lot of viewers submitted before-and-after pictures -- and the attention to detail and craftsmanship is truly commendable.

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From people finally building a deck in the backyard, to restoring an old piece of furniture or getting around to painting the walls of their home, our viewers got to work during the early days of quarantine.

Since we got so any submissions, we decided to show off some of the best of the best.

Ready for some before-and-after pics? We thought perhaps even if you haven’t done a project yet, these might give you some inspiration for the future.

A landscape makeover. (User submitted photo.)

This family did a makeover on their front lawn. Doesn’t it look great? The person who submitted this photo said it was a family project, and it turned out a whole lot better than they expected.

These new floors are so chic. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This looks like a completely new kitchen. From the new floors to the painted cabinets and countertops, this looks absolutely fabulous.

That chandelier is every thing! (Submitted photo from viewer.)

These folks did a vamped-up master closet -- and it’s to die for. The chandelier was already great, but the new floors and paint on the walls really bring it all together, don’t you think?

This looks fantastic. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Sometimes all it takes it a fresh coat of paint, and you can have a room go from basic to chic in a few hours. These photos are proof.

How cute is this? (Submitted photo from viewer.)

When we asked for home renovation photos, we didn’t specify what kind of home! This play house is perfect.

These parents really went above and beyond with a new coat of paint. You never would have guessed that it went under a renovation, right?

More landscaping! (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This really looks like a completely different backyard.

This viewer said they got rid of the shrubs and made their backyard more live-able for their summer “staycations.”

We think it’s pretty cool!

Wow! (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Talk about a transformation! It honestly doesn’t even look like these two rooms were the same, but shockingly, they were! These folks knocked down a wall, and added new cabinets, countertops and appliances in the kitchen. It looks so great.

What a great modern look. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This viewer took down an old wallpapered wall and added a more modern and sleek-looking wooden wall. This is giving us some serious home renovation inspiration.

We love the new floors. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Putting in some new floors is never a bad idea. These viewers tore up their old carpet and installed a gorgeous hardwood floor.

This viewer watched YouTube tutorials on installing hardwood floors and did all of this gorgeous work themselves. Impressive!

Even bathrooms need some loving. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This viewer redid her son’s bathroom, and we love this modern feel. It doesn’t take much to have a new look -- some fresh paint can really go a long way.

Very impressive. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

Would you believe that this viewer just put a fresh coat of paint on the fireplace, and that’s it?

By just painting it, the fireplace has been completely transformed. The viewer said it is now the new focal point of the living room and they love it.

Another fantastic bathroom redesign. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

This is another bathroom renovation that we are obsessed with. They removed the tub in the bathroom, did some painting and added some “boho” design elements. Can we move in, please?

Wow! (Submitted photo from viewer.)

We love this renovation! These folks said they put new floors in their entire home, and they did it all by themselves. They also painted the walls and put in a new fireplace. It looks like it was a great project to do in quarantine.

This is fantastic. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

We often don’t think about renovating a hallway, but these folks did and it looks fabulous. It looks like they added some new paint and molding, and a few new decorations, as well.

A first for lawn furniture renovation. (Submitted photo from viewer.)

These viewers said they scored a free patio table from Facebook Marketplace, so they got some cheap lawn chairs, sanded them down and painted them. They just added some new cushions, and their quarantine project came together, just like that.

Have you completed a quarantine DIY home project? We want to see your results

You can still submit photos, and we want to see them. Post them below!

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