RIP pre-COVID-19 normal: Dad recreates ‘outings’ for daughter, and it’s the sweetest

Popcorn. (Pixabay)

Since many places have been closed and social distancing has been required or encouraged, people have had to find ways to cope with the changes. Mia Finney and her father have created some of the best.

Instead of succumbing to the fact that life as we knew it was changed, Finney’s father wanted to recreate, if you will, what normal life would be like, but in other ways.

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In the first video Finney posted of these “outings,” she starts by saying, “Since we can’t go to the movie theater right now, my dad decided to bring the movie theater to us. He knows how much I love going to the movie theater, so he had to turn our living room into one.”

Finney’s father hands her popcorn and candy, takes her ticket and directs her to her seat before playing a movie in their “theater.”

Watch the TikTok video below to see -- it is absolutely precious.


MY DAD’S BEST IDEA 😭🥺 should we recreate another place? (more on instagram @wheres_mia)

♬ original sound - miafinney

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The first video was a hit -- at least, it seemed to be on TikTok; at last check, it had more than 74,000 comments and more than 8 million likes. Whoa. People who commented seem to really admire Finney’s dad, and the lengths he went to reinvent going to the movie theater for her.

The video got comments like:

  • “Your dad is the sweetest man in the world.”
  • “I’m allergic to kindness. My eyes start watering.”
  • “I wish everyone had a dad like yours.”

Some of those people started recommending some other places to recreate.

After the response the initial video got, the duo knew they had to create more.

“We found something we both enjoy doing together, and that’s creating videos to make people smile,” Finney said in a video posted on her YouTube page.

In another video, Finney had been craving some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, so you know they had to recreate it.


he DEFINITELY got the bigger scoop of ice cream 😂 (more on instagram @wheres_mia) @erniefin

♬ original sound - miafinney

More fantastic comments streamed in:

  • “You’re dad is CEO of the nicest dad ever.”
  • “This Cold Stone employee approves.”
  • “Best dad award for 2020.”

The videos didn’t stop, and they’re all just as sweet and entertaining.

An Uber ride


the most outstanding service 😂 (more on instagram @wheres_mia) @erniefin

♬ original sound - miafinney

Dorm move-in


the best RA award goes to this guy 😂 (more on instagram @wheres_mia) @erniefin

♬ original sound - miafinney

Dad trivia

(we actually laughed out loud at this one)


i made sure his music was all the way up 😂 (more on instagram @wheres_mia) @erniefin

♬ original sound - miafinney

A restaurant

Ice cream truck


the nicest ice cream man out there 😂 (more on instagram @wheres_mia) @erniefin

♬ original sound - miafinney

Finney and her dad have created plenty of other entertaining videos.

“Social media transformed my relationship with my father in the most positive way possible. Because we do TikTok, the things we do together cause us to laugh more,” she said.

Click here to watch more.

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