Oh no, Mercury is in retrograde again! What does that mean, anyway?

And it lasts until Election Day

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When there are times of trouble, there’s only one thing to do: blame Mercury.

From Oct. 13 right up until Election Day on Nov. 3, the planet Mercury will be in retrograde, which is a notable event for those who love astrology.

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For those who are unfamiliar, here are some answers to a few key questions about what exactly that means.

What is it, when Mercury is in retrograde?

Three times a year, it appears as if Mercury is traveling backward in the sky, opposite of the Earth’s orbit. The other times in 2020 were from Feb. 18 to March 9 and from June 17 to July 12.

It’s an illusion with the appearance that Mercury is speeding past the Earth, according to Astrology Zone.

Why is Mercury in retrograde significant for Earth?

Mercury is the planet that rules all communication, according to astrologist Georgia Nicols. The idea is, when Mercury appears to be in retrograde, it leads to disruptions on Earth.

What sort of disruptions?

With Mercury is in retrograde, people might have lapses in all types of communication (listening, speaking, learning and reading, for example), technology breakdowns and mail delays. Mercury also rules over documents such as contracts, agreements and deeds, according to Astrology Zone. During a retrograde, these everyday aspects of life can get out of control.*

*Take this with a grain of salt.

What should people NOT do during a Mercury retrograde?

Making transactions is not a good idea, according to Astrology Zone. Don’t sign any contracts or make any transactions such as closing a house or signing a lease. It’s also not a good time to start up new communications campaigns or websites. Conditions might not be what you thought they were later on after the retrograde is over. For example, a new job might not be the position it was expected to be or problems could arise with a new house.

Again, don’t take us too seriously. It’s kind of like believing in your horoscope. We’re just here to give you some background and context on the whole retrograde situation.

What should people do during a Mercury retrograde?

A Mercury retrograde is a good time to self-reflect on life priorities, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Be sure to evaluate what you put your energy and time into in order to keep a good life balance.

Allowing extra time for travel and remaining patient, flexible and understanding are also things people should do during a Mercury retrograde, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

OK, now tell us in the comments: Do you believe in this stuff? It is pretty crazy, you have to admit, that Mercury is in retrograde lasting until Election Day. You win, 2020.

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