San Antonio’s South Side: A poetic exploration

Laurie Ann Guerrero, who will be featured at San Antonio Book Festival, shares her personal experience growing up on South Side

The San Antonio Book Festival will feature more than 100 authors from around the country in 2021. But we don’t have to go far to hear from one of those authors.

Laurie Ann Guererro was born and raised on San Antonio’s South Side and she uses her poetry to capture her own and her family’s, experiences.

She said she grew up outside of Loop 410, back when it was largely farm land. She has fond memories of her grandparents growing tomatoes and crocheting while she grew up.

Now, Guerrero says more people are moving into the area, which makes it more important to tell the story of her growth and her family’s presence in the community.

Her poetry has led to several publications, and ultimately to a position as a writer in residence at Texas A&M San Antonio on the South Side.

“My love for my city and my community has really made me realize that that’s where I belong. I belong in the classroom and it’s almost like poetry led me there. And then I get to teach in the south side is I mean, that’s a gift,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero even recorded a TED Talk on the lessons people inherit from the places where they were born. She also published her latest book in March of 2021, titled “I Have Eaten the Rattlesnake.” You can get your copy here.

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