The internet’s response to an HBO Max intern flub is hilariously heartwarming

A woman holds her head in her hands. (Pixabay.)

Did you receive an odd email from HBO Max last week? Apparently quite a few people did, and the streaming service gave the most honest excuse -- or, was it too honest? -- when they blamed it on the intern.

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The email went out with the subject line “Integration Test Email #1,″ and it immediately raised concerns that it was a phishing scam.

But alas, it was not, and HBO was quick to admit to the mistake.

Too many of us have been that intern, right? OK, admittedly, maybe we didn’t send out a mass email to tons of streaming service subscribers, but perhaps something on a smaller scale?

Regardless, people have been quite entertained. The responses on Twitter have been hilarious, inspiring and heartwarming.

Here are some of them:

Did you ever have an epic intern mistake? Tell us in the comments below.

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