Videos of mic’d up 4-year-old snowboarder will seriously make your day

All hail the Powdersaurus!

Aubrin (aka the Powdersauraus) in action! (Instagram (@chasing.sage))

This will surely put a smile on your face today.

Aubrin Garlow, 4, has been delighting thousands of people on TikTok and Instagram with videos of her snowboarding down mountains.

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It’s not only little Aubrin’s impressive skills at such a young age that have been impressing viewers, but it’s her delightful (and outright hilarious) commentary that has people obsessed with the videos, as well.

And it’s all thanks to Aubrin’s dad, Robert Garlow, who has captured his daughter’s snowboarding journey thanks to a fancy camera and a microphone.

Like I said, Aubrin’s skills as a 4-year-old snowboarder are beyond impressive, and I seriously hope to see her tearing up a halfpipe at the Olympics, but it’s her commentary while snowboarding that makes you want to watch the family’s videos over and over again.

Anyone who has gone snowboarding or skiing knows just how breathtaking, gorgeous and sometimes technical it can be. One second you’re stunned by the beauty of the outdoors around you, and the next moment, you’re trying to stay up on two feet.

So imagine that -- but seeing it through the eyes of a 4-year-old. Especially a 4-year-old who loves to talk, like Aubrin.

First of all, Aubrin is fantastic at puns. Whether or not her dad helped her out or not, she refers to herself as the “powdersaurus,” “stuckasaurus” and “shredasaurus” because of her iconic dinosaur snowsuit.

It really is the hilarious stuff that comes out of her mouth that make the videos so enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if she’s letting out a hilarious “oh yeah, DUDE!” or just making up lyrics to her own songs, watching Aubrin shred is so much fun.

Just watch a few of the videos below, and you’ll see just how happy Aubrin the Powdersaurus makes you.

Many comment wondering what will happen when summer comes around and Aubrin and her dad can’t snowboard, but by the looks of their social media accounts, they are a thrill-seeking family year round, so let’s hope we get to see Aubrin mic’d up while dirt biking, too.

To see more videos of Aubrin and her family’s adventures, follow them on Instagram and TikTok here.

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