OceanGate video chronicles past trips to Titanic wreckage

20-minute video gives details of wreck and components of ship

Footage of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. (Via KSAT)

Last week, OceanGate announced it had suspended commercial and explorational operations following the tragic incident where five people were killed on board a submersible as it was descending deep into the Atlantic Ocean to view the wreck of the Titanic.

The company has been under scrutiny since, with many criticizing the safety risks of the submersible before it imploded in the deep sea near the Titanic.

But before the tragedy, OceanGate in recent years had multiple submersibles go down to the Titanic to take pictures of the wreck.

In a 20-minute video above, OceanGate produced a collection of pictures and footage taken from the Titanic wreckage that is narrated by Rory Golden, a Titanic dive veteran and expert.

In the video, Golden describes various parts of the ship and the state of its components on the seabed more than 100 years after it sunk.

The videos below give a tour of the lost OceanGate submersible before it went on its fatal expedition, and also footage of the submersible pieces being lifted out of the Atlantic.

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