VIDEO: Elderly woman spins uncontrollably during attempted helicopter rescue

This video might leave you dizzy

An elderly woman needed rescue from what she thought was a method of rescue.

This happened in 2019 and is part of a series where we are looking back at most-watched viral videos.

A then 74-year-old woman in Arizona, Katalin Metro, was being rescued from a mountain by a helicopter, but then the rescue turned into a strange twist.

Or in this case, a bunch of strange spins.

As the helicopter was airlifting Metro from a mountain after she fell during a hike, the stretcher attached to the helicopter cord started spinning uncontrollably.

Fortunately, Metro survived the ordeal.

She eventually filed a lawsuit and was awarded $450,000 in December 2021 from the Phoenix City Council.

Watch the full video above of what Metro had to survive.

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