Underwater pumpkin carving? This annual event takes Halloween to new depths

For 28 years, certified divers have battled to see who can carve best pumpkin while wet.

Pumpkin carving is annually a tradition many families enjoy and a way to make memories, but this is certainly a different twist to the Halloween staple.

Every year, The Dive Shop in Flint, Michigan, conducts a special event where certified divers take pumpkins underwater and carve them for prizes.

“I’m pretty surprised how good and how creative people can get,” said Kim Collingham, who works at The Dive Shop and helps coordinate the event.

Held on the second Sunday in October at Otter Lake, which is just north of Flint, the event just finished its 28th year a couple of weeks ago.

Contributed photo (Kim Collingham)

Participants — who must be certified divers — draw the design of their pumpkins on the surface, then take them anywhere from 5 to 10 feet underwater to carve them.

Collingham said time of completion can vary for each participant.

“It depends on the design,” she said. “Somebody can do a simple one that takes 15-20 minutes. Others might take a half-hour or 45 minutes. It depends on how intricate they want to get with it.”

Prizes are later given out for the best design.

Collingham said this year’s event had 52 participants, and that some feel it’s actually easier to carve pumpkins underwater than on the surface.

“I’ve heard both,” she said. “Some say it’s a little bit harder, some say it’s a little bit easier.”

Watch the video above to see a diver finishing up a carving.

The Dive Shop, Flint

The Dive Shop, Flint. Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

Otter Lake
The Dive Shop, Flint

Diver from our Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest. All pumpkins were carved underwater

Otter Lake

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