5 reasons why people with disabilities are great hires for holiday work, and beyond

Retail stores, other companies set for short-term hiring binge to meet holiday demand

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With the holidays here, it means the peak season for shopping and gift-giving is in full swing.

Each year retail stores hire more workers than usual to make sure they can accommodate all the extra people and demand for goods, although one group that can be overlooked is those with disabilities.

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Mark Pound, CEO of CurbCutOS, offers five reasons why companies should be hiring people with disabilities this holiday season and year-round.

1. People with disabilities are easily adaptable to tech.

Pound said that many people with disabilities adapt just as well, if not better, than their peers to technology and new business systems. They’re already comfortable using various forms of tech to assist them with daily tasks, and they know how to work through challenges and troubleshoot issues.

“They are a definite asset during the busy holiday season,” he said.

2. It creates a diverse workforce.

Hiring individuals with disabilities promotes diversity in the workplace, Pound said. That can lead to a more inclusive and harmonious work environment, which is what everyone wants all the time, not just during the holiday season.

3. It can help companies comply with equal opportunity laws, other incentives.

Hiring individuals with disabilities even seasonally can help employers comply with anti-discrimination laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Pound said. It also shows a commitment to social responsibility, especially for how it can provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to gain new skills and build their resumes, which improves their long-term employability. Companies may also be eligible for certain tax credits and grants.

4. People with disabilities have enhanced problem-solving skills.

Pound said that people with disabilities often possess strong problem-solving skills, which can be valuable during the peak season, and especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday when challenges may arise.

5. It can help increase sales.

Disabled consumers account for nearly a $2 trillion market, according to Pound.

“They’re a very loyal customer base that will gladly do business with you if they see you hiring and supporting individuals with disabilities,” he said. “Employers who prioritize inclusivity and diversity tend to have a positive public image, which can attract customers during the holiday season and all year long.”

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