These photos show just how cold and frozen it was in Texas

Brr, it’s cold in here!

This is WILD! (Graham Media Group 2024)

It’s cold in Texas!

You always think of Texas as being hot, hot, hot -- but with the freezing temperatures hitting parts of the state earlier this week, Texans are experiencing weather that they are rarely used to.

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It had some parts of the state looking like Princess Elsa just came to town and decided to “Let It Go.”

From fountains that usually spurt out water all year round, to icicles hanging from nearly every building, Texans are really getting a taste of what it’s like for people who live in a place where winter is really winter this time of year.

Scroll through the images below and see just how crazy some of them are. The fountains are truly the craziest. Who know they could just freeze like that?

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Someone has yet to tell this fountain about today's warmth.

San Antonio

Fountain at Sonterra Country Club

San Antonio

Frozen water tank 🥶


What once was hanging there ~ blowing in the wind ~ today found nowhere ~ it came to its end ~ melting ice was falling on the ground ~ the cold temps blew around ~ it's pretty to see ~ all icy

League City
Rodrigo Garcia

Our fountain froze under the freezing temperatures last night!


My car was covered in these


Busting horse troughs in Cypress for about the 100th time and turned around to see this winter masterpiece. Ready for flip flop weather on Thursday!


Water wheel is frozen

San Antonio
Noemi V

Willis, Texas


Pool time with the ducks.


My rain chain in Copperfield

Courtney Rainville

Frozen fountain!


I braved the bone chilling temperatures to find this!

League City
Sam Olivares

Frozen falls.

Mr. Mike

My small frozen swimming pool. Montgomery Tx


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