Why are weird questions asked on job interviews by companies?

There is often a rhyme or reason, even if it makes no sense

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If you have been on a job interview recently, then you probably have done a double-take.

Out of nowhere, the interviewer asks some random, weird question that seemingly has nothing to do with how you’ll perform the position being discussed.

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Below might be examples of such questions, according to a LinkedIn article:

  • If you were a sandwich, what kind would you be and why?
  • If aliens landed in front of you and in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
  • What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
  • Why are manhole covers round?
  • If you were a tree (or animal), what kind of tree (or animal) would you be?
  • If you were a salad, what kind of dressing would you have?

As perplexing as such questions might be, there is a rhyme or reason why employers might ask them.

Among other things, employers are trying to glean the following from your answers:

  • Personality. Certain questions are aimed to find out what your personality traits are and whether they can be a fit for the organization.
  • Creativity. Answers to questions might highlight how creative a person you are and how that can translate to work situations.
  • Goals. Bizarre questions might lead to a way to fully express what your career goals or ambitions are.
  • Problem-solving abilities. Evidently, employers feel coming up with good solutions to bizarre questions reflects how you can solve equally strange problems.
  • Responsibility. Yes, it might seem strange how refrigerator organization translates to success in the real world, but that and other questions might be a way for employers to find out from their point of view.

There are other reasons we can list, but for now, we want to get your input. What are some strange questions you have been asked on a job interview? Let us know below and if you have future interviews, maybe this can help you better answer them and land that job you’re after!

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