The 50 top-selling used cars in San Antonio metro area so far in 2024

A view of the inside of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric truck taken during a press conference, Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Avon Lake, Ohio. Ford announced it will add 6,200 factory jobs in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio as it prepares to build more electric vehicles and roll out two redesigned combustion-engine models. (AP Photo/David Richard) (David Richard, Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

CoPilot analyzed national sales data to uncover the 50 top-selling used cars in the San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX metro area.

In the vibrant city of San Antonio, the top selling used cars showcase a preference for sturdy, reliable vehicles. San Antonio's affection for robust vehicles aligns with the city's diverse needs, from suburban commuting to off-road adventures.

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The 50 top-selling used cars in the San Antonio metro area

Where Texan culture meets modern flair, the Ford F-150 leads the charge, with used 2022 Ford F-150s in San Antonio averaging $48,886. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 follow closely, emphasizing the dominance of trucks in the area.

While trucks dominate, the Toyota Camry stands out as the leading sedan, illustrating a balance between practicality and fuel efficiency. The Toyota RAV4, a versatile crossover, also holds a prominent position, reflecting the growing trend of families and individuals seeking adaptable vehicles for both urban and suburban lifestyles. SUVs, particularly the Toyota 4Runner and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, secure a substantial presence, emphasizing the Texan penchant for spacious, off-road-capable vehicles. The Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Tahoe further underline the demand for larger, family-friendly options.

Digging into the brands, Toyota emerges as a standout player, with multiple models across different categories. This could be attributed to the brand's reputation for durability and fuel efficiency, aligning with the preferences of San Antonio's car buyers. Interestingly, the Audi Q5 makes an appearance in the top 50, suggesting a niche interest in luxury crossovers. This indicates a growing market for higher-end vehicles, possibly fueled by the city's economic prosperity and an increasing taste for premium driving experiences.

In terms of pricing trends, the prevalence of trucks and SUVs might contribute to a higher average transaction price compared to markets with a higher concentration of sedans or compact cars. San Antonio's diverse landscape, from urban streets to rural expanses, likely influences these preferences.

San Antonio's used car market paints a picture of a city that values reliability, versatility, and a touch of luxury. Trucks and SUVs dominate, reflecting San Antonio's love for utility and exploration. Sedans offer efficiency, while the potential for greener options underscores the region's forward-thinking mindset. As San Antonio evolves, so too will its automotive landscape, staying true to the city's ever-evolving character.

The list of top-selling used cars was created with CoPilot's proprietary PricePulse data, which monitors the online inventory of virtually every dealer in the country, every day. The vehicles sold in the area were tracked and aggregated. The data was then ranked from highest to lowest in terms of sales to create the top 50 top-selling used cars list. Read more here about the most popular used cars across the U.S.

This story was produced by CoPilot and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media.

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