Why seasonal affective disorder in the summer is a real thing

Many assume it’s only a winter problem, but it’s not

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When it comes to seasonal affective disorder, many assume it’s solely a condition that plagues people during the colder and grayer winter months.

According to WebMD, roughly 4 to 6% of the U.S. population suffers from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a form of depression that can be triggered by certain seasons in a calendar.

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But of that 4 to 6% overall, did you know that 10% of that group suffers from SAD in the summer months?

It might be hard to believe since it’s usually sunnier, warmer and the peak of family bonding with school out.

However, it’s a real thing for four reasons, according to WebMD.

1. Altered schedules

While summer can be a great time to family bonding, it can also lead to extra stress because routines are completely changed. Younger kids are now at home from school during the day and parents have to worry about how all their free time is going to be occupied. College kids have moved back home for the summer. As fun as vacations are, they can disrupt sleep and eating habits.

2. Worries about money

Because kids need to be occupied, that means more money has to be spent for things such as sending them to camps during the day, amusement parks or water parks. Babysitting costs can easily go up in addition to worries about how vacations will be paid for.

3. Worries about body image

When it gets hotter, people often dress more in T-shirts, shorts or bathing suits, which can be an issue for some, according to the article. With a lot of gatherings around a pool, lake or beach, it can be uncomfortable for some and lead them to avoid social situations.

4. Being hot is worse than being cold

For some, being too hot is actually worse than freezing in the winter. Sweating and feeling the pressure of the sun beating down is something that some people can’t handle as well as others, so it leaves them counting down the days until the summer months are over.

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