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A baby takes a bottle. (Pexels stock image)

The head of the Food and Drug Administration is facing congressional lawmakers for the first time over the national shortage of baby formula, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

The shortage has rattled parents in many parts of the U.S. and become another political headwind for President Joe Biden, who’s invoked the Defense Production Act to speed domestic manufacturing.

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There are several reasons behind the baby formula supply problems, including the closure of the largest U.S. baby formula plant in February.

The FDA faces intense scrutiny over what it could’ve done to head off the problems. The FDA also announced plans to reopen the Abbott factory in Michigan, while also allowing more imports from overseas formula makers.

If you’re a parent or an expecting parent, you might have questions.

  • What can I do to best prepare myself to breastfeed?
  • If I have to use formula, and all my major local stores are out, where do I turn?
  • When can I give cow’s milk, or enter that into the routine?
  • Should I be watering down bottles, or making homemade formulas? (The experts say NO to these questions, by the way).
  • Is there another kind of formula I can be ordering online?
  • What if my baby needs specialty formula, like Nutramigen?
  • What do pediatricians recommend?

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