San Antonio outpatient clinic offers solutions for children with disabilities

The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment that helps clients achieve maximum results while in therapy.

SAN ANTONIO – For almost 20 years, the outpatient clinic, Teamability, has been helping children with very complex disabilities achieve their potential.

Teamability’s founder and CEO, Barbara Goldman, says both therapists and educators work hand in hand to create care plans for children that are meaningful and fun but, more importantly, things they can be successful in achieving.

“We combine the expertise of special educators with that of highly qualified therapists,” said Goldman.

The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment that helps clients achieve maximum results while in therapy.

“I’ve gotten to see both the hospital setting, outpatient settings, pediatrics, adults, and not one clinic that I have ever been in has offered the opportunity that this clinic has,” said William Deleon, doctor of physical therapy.

William Deleon, a physical therapist at Teamability, said the opportunity to use the latest medical technology has skyrocketed the quality of care.

“So here it’s just a night and day difference, and we’re getting a lot more benefit than I ever thought I’d see in the clinic before,” said Deleon.

Cecilia Hernandez, a Teamability client, said her daughter, Penelope, was diagnosed with a rare genetic neurological disorder called Aicardi syndrome at 4 months old.

“She was born with what they say, a piece of the brain, a genesis of the corpus callosum, which transfers all the information from the right to the left. So she was born without that piece that could do that,” said Hernandez.

Because of the disorder, Penelope is nonverbal. She can now communicate her needs and emotions through therapy and the assistance of special equipment.

“Now we’re using an eye-gazing device, like Accent 1400, through speech, where she can select words,” said Hernandez.

Teamability is providing life-changing therapy for parents like Hernandez, her daughter, and many others receiving care.

Hernandez added that the team of professionals at Teamability is very specialized in meeting the needs of every child.

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