Deposition: Casey Anthony believes her father drowned, molested Caylee

Doctors' reports shed light onto what Casey thinks happened to Caylee

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Florida judge on Wednesday unsealed new never-before-seen depositions from doctors who conducted psychological evaluations of Casey Anthony.

The evaluations with Dr. Jeffrey Danziger, a psychiatrist, and Dr. William Weitz, a psychologist, revealed Anthony's most recent account of her claim that she had been sexually abused as a child and her most recent description of what she says happened to her daughter, Caylee, whose body was found in December 2008.

Anthony was found not guilty of murder last year in the death of Caylee. From the depositions, which were taken in April 2011, Anthony revealed that she thought became pregnant with Caylee from a date-rape. She told Danziger she was at a party where her drink could have been drugged and that she woke up with her pants down.

She found out she was pregnant with Caylee afterward and didn't know who the father was. Anthony told Weitz that she feared her own father, George Anthony, was the father of the child, according to Weitz's deposition.

Danziger asked Anthony about how she could act normal during the 31 days Caylee was missing.

"It's hard to explain. How do you handle the unspeakable? By putting it in a little box, hiding it deep, pretending all is well," Anthony responded, according to the deposition.

In the deposition, Anthony told Danziger she was repeatedly sexually molested by her father. She told Weitz her father did everything from touching her inappropriately to sexual intercourse between the ages of 8 to 12. She also told Danziger she was inappropriately touched by her brother, Lee Anthony, when she was around ages 12 to 15.

George Anthony denied that he molested Casey and his lawyer released this statement Wednesday: "As he has repeatedly said prior to the trial, during the trial and after the trial he never molested any member of his family including Casey Anthony and he had nothing to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony including what happened to her remains after she allegedly drowned."

As Anthony told Weitz this in the deposition, he said she appeared unemotional and detached.

"She was stripped of almost any affect or emotion ... It seemed like she was almost in a kind of a daze or fog," Weitz said.

But in the mental evaluation of Anthony six months before her trial, Danziger said that she exhibited no other signs typical of someone who had been sexually abused as a child. Danziger said Anthony had performed well in school, had no eating disorders. 

"It doesn't rule it out, but it certainly doesn't suggest it," Danziger said in the deposition when asked if there was evidence of sexual abuse.

The psychiatrist seemed skeptical of Anthony being abused and ruled Anthony had no mental health issues, according to the deposition.

The depositions also shed light on what Anthony said happened the day Caylee disappeared. According to the deposition, Anthony told Danziger she was awoken in June 2008 by her father, who entered her bedroom and shook her, saying Caylee was missing.

Although Anthony said she never saw Caylee's body in the family swimming pool, she believes Caylee drowned because she saw her father holding Caylee's body, according to the deposition.

Anthony told doctors that her father said, "I'll take care of it," then took Caylee's body away.  She told doctors that she never saw Caylee again, according to the deposition. Anthony also told the doctor she does not think it was an accident. She also said she thinks her father had molested Caylee.

"I think he held her underwater, maybe was doing something to her and tried to cover it up" she told Danziger, referring to George. "I was hoping she was somewhere, that she was still okay. It was devastating when they found her. I felt as if my body was going to explode."

Anthony told Danziger she slept with Caylee in her bed and locked the bedroom door. Anthony said it was "in effort to protect her the way I didn't protect myself. I feared he'd touch her."

Anthony's conversation with Danziger matched with Weitz's, according to the deposition.

"She believes George took Caylee out of the bed, had a sexual experience with her daughter, and in order to cover it up killed her," Weitz said.

In the interviews, Anthony offered no proof of the allegations. Weitz said in his deposition, however, that he found George's comments at Caylee's memorial service about her smell to be unusual, and very "sensual."

In the depositions, Danziger seemed very apprehensive talking to prosecutors and sharing information that Casey Anthony disclosed because he felt uncomfortable accusing someone else of a crime.

"I'm not endorsing this version. This is what she told me," Danziger said in the deposition.

Anthony also talked to the doctors about Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman she said was her nanny and accused of abducting Caylee. In the depositions, her response contradicted what her defense team told the jury in her murder trial. During the trial, Anthony's team said she made up the story about Gonzalez, but sixth months earlier, Anthony told psychiatrists that she used Gonzalez as a nanny, but Gonzalez just didn't kidnap Caylee.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation. The civil suit is scheduled to be in court in April.

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