Ron Paul makes pit stop in SA

Main Plaza hosts congressman's speech

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul was back home this week, drawing crowds all over the Lone Star State.

Paul has been addressing crowds at Texas A&M University in College Station and in Fort Worth. On Thursday, he made a stop in San Antonio.

Hundreds packed the Main Plaza Thursday night as Ron Paul took the stage in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.

Supporters said that the momentum has been building, since presidential candidate Rick Santorum dropped out of the race earlier this week.

"He has the heart of many Americans," Neal Cordero, a supporter from Florida. "He knows exactly what is right for this country and he has the pulse of the people."

Paul said Thursday that, even with presidential candidate Rick Santorum out of the race, it's hard to tell what the future holds.

But he plans on pushing for economic freedom, a balanced budget, and limited government, all issues that drew cheers from the crowd.

"If you look at this as an issue of liberty and limited government and responsibility, we would have a different size government," said Paul. "And, that's what I continue to talk about and that's why there's enthusiasm."

When looking at Thursday's crowd, Ron Paul said he knows he's got a big following when it comes to young people.

"The internet has a lot of explanation," said Paul. "All I know is that freedom is a young idea and they are very attracted to it."

Supporters said Thursday that they are hoping to see Ron Paul back in San Antonio before November.

"He's one politician that you can actually believe in," said Sean Moron, a supporter from San Antonio. "I don't think there is anything he has ever said that he's had to go back on. He says what he believes in and that's why I like him."

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Stephanie Serna is a weekday anchor on Good Morning San Antonio and GMSA at 9 a.m. She joined the KSAT 12 News team in November 2009 as a general assignments reporter.