Demolition begins at Univision building in downtown San Antonio

Residents shocked, upset over demolition

Demolition on the 1950s Univision building in downtown San Antonio is underway and hundreds of residents are shocked and upset by the surprising move.

The building located in the 400 block of E. Cesar Chavez Street was the home of the first ever Spanish-language television station in the United States.

A group of residents showed up at a board of adjustment meeting to appeal the demolition, but were told their appeal would not be heard.

The group gathered outside the building Monday evening said they are hurt, insulted and feel disrespected by the city's government.

They say this building should be turned into a museum and not into a 350-unit apartment complex.

Resident Maria Antonietta Berriozabal has been against the demolition from the beginning.

"We feel that the decisions that have been made have been strictly on economic development considerations and none on historic, cultural considerations that this building means a lot to the Hispanic , Latino, Mexican American, Mexican community of San Antonio," Berriozabal said. "They're a lot of changes happening in San Antonio right now and if we keep making decisions where the voice of the public is not heard this is very dangerous precedent."

Demonstrators said demolition has started on the radio station part of the property. It's unknown when demolition will be completed.

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