Abandoned bride donates reception to homeless families

Canceled wedding becomes special event

SEATTLE – Six weeks before Dana Olsen's wedding day, her fiance backed out. She had to decide what to do about her reception.

Olsen's family paid for the wedding, and most of the deposits were non-refundable.

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Instead of cutting their losses, Olsen and her family invited 150 homeless women and children who were living at Mary's Place Shelter in Seattle to attend what would have been her wedding reception, according to The Seattle Times.

Hair and makeup stylists donated their services to any women who wanted a makeover before the party.

Clothes previously donated to Mary's Place were combed through to find evening wear.

The reception had a live jazz/pop band and was fully catered.

Olsen wouldn't disclose how much money was spent on the donated reception, but she "just couldn't stand the thought of it being wasted," she said.

Olsen chose not to attend, opting to go hiking with her father on the Pacific Crest Trail, The Seattle Times reported.