Saying goodbye to Timberwolf, plus list of US presidents and their code names

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SAN ANTONIO – As the nation says goodbye to its 41st president George H.W. Bush, it is fitting that the Secret Service shared a special memory of the former world leader, code name Timberwolf.

The U.S. Secret Service shared a photo of Timberwolf after he shaved his head in 2013 in solidarity with the rest of the agents on his detail who were supporting a fellow agent whose son was diagnosed with leukemia. 

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Bush was no stranger to the disease; he and wife Barbara had a daughter, Robin, who died of leukemia in 1953 at age 3.

View the photos of Bush and his detail with bald heads below:

Presidents and their code names:

Donald Trump - Mogul
Barack Obama - Renegade
George W. Bush - Tumbler or Trailblazer
Bill Clinton - Eagle
George H.W. Bush - Timberwolf
Ronald Reagan - Rawhide
Jimmy Carter - Lock Master or Deacon
Gerald Ford - Pass Key
Richard Nixon - Searchlight
Lyndon Johnson - Volunteer
John F. Kennedy - Lancer
Dwight Eisenhower - Scorecard or Providence
Harry Truman - General